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"I realized that this isn't how life is meant to be lived."

About Lia Adair

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Lia Adair

About Lia Adair

I understand the pain of a body that doesn’t fit right and of a mind in constant opposition to your wellbeing. The enormous amount of dissatisfaction and hatred I had for myself, physically, emotionally, and mentally pushed me to a dark place that I thought I would always remain in. A place I had to accept as my reality. Food anxiety ruled my thoughts. Negative, spiteful internal dialogue prevented me from healing. I belonged to a body constantly at odds with itself.

Until I realized that this isn’t how life is meant to be lived. It is meant to feel alive. It is meant to feel like a gift. It is meant to be more. Ease is what I knew I could find.

So I made the decision to drag my sorry ass up and out of the muck that I had been a slave to for 2 decades. You can too. Using food, physical movement, and some sweet self-loving.

My food anxiety turned into a craving for understanding my enemy and eventual best friend, food! In 2004 I began my self-study journey into the world of nutrition and health. Though many ups and downs were encountered, the obstacles were conquered with a lot of hard work, experimentation, training, and reading. I’m now a certified plant-based nutrtionist, graduated from a renowned hospitality school in Switzerland, and have been coaching people on diet for overall better health as well as for specific diseases, ailments, and dietary restrictions. I had the opportunity to study diets for Lyme patients as well as cancer patients, but my experience and clients range from new vegetarians and vegans to chemo patients.

I had the privilege of being introduced to yoga at the age of 12 and being aware enough to notice how amazing it is. I’m now working on my 500 hour Yoga teacher certification, having received my 200 hour in 2012 in Chicago, and have been teaching yoga since 2008. I focus my teaching on creating a space for growth and healing in my students, whether that requires a more vigorous flow or a more restorative gentle style. Breath and meditation are essential aspects to any yoga practice and important additions to a mindful lifestyle.

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